Steaming Ahead, ERO and How We Roll!!


It’s been a pretty spectacular last week since we broke through our jumbled mess to find some more clarity! At the time, man I was excited, but couldn’t predict how much more would come from that development of our Dispositional Curriculum.

We had thought long and hard about why we value Learning Hubs and why they were so crucial in delivering (or co-constructing) a truly personalised learning experience. We got that down. The principles behind a Learning Hub and what needed to be developed or worked on in this time was also clear. So since the Dispositional Curriculum Model was developed things have really started to take shape.  Like Thomas…we began to steam ahead!! Choo Choo. 


Out of this we saw the development of our Habit statements (e.g. Resilience – I don’t give up when times are tough), this was choice. Taking it back to these simple core statements is where we felt we really nailed it on the head. At first we were trying to come up with several I statements to cater for every learner under every Habit. This was unnecessary. Resilience is going to look different for every learner and within this Habit they may have both strengths and weaknesses. In order for it to be truly adaptable and personalised all that was needed was one core essence statement. I like these. A lot. 

We also saw our definitions for the four Learning Quadrants begin to take shape. I argued, and argued, that much like the Habits, only one simple statement was needed to describe each of the quadrants; Strategic, Innovative, Relational, Meta-cognitive. I want it to be simple, usable and workable for all LEARNERS. I was wrong (not about the simplicity & usability but the need for one statement) and after some convincing withdrew my initial argument. The others were right. These quadrants each cover so many things, it would be impossible to narrow it down. It is also important that the coaches and learners have a good understanding of what it means to be Strategic for example in different ways. Therefore, a more thorough explanation was needed. What we have come up with so far is pretty good. Still most definitely a work in progress to be added to and critiqued by the next cohort as well as all the learners that come join us at HPSS. 

Arguably most exciting is the fact our Learner Profile dynamic document is beginning to evolve! In theory rather than electronically at this stage but that’s where Claire comes in. This document is going to the basis for our conferencing, goal setting, co-constructing and so much more! What a great basis to develop learner Habits and for the development of Personal and Academic Excellence. Super exciting. 

The visit by ERO was awesome. I like ERO, not just because we had scones and lunch but because they have an important job. I liked the way Maurie (see his explanation) prepped us for it. Just told us they were coming. That was nice, a real point of difference. Often the onset of ERO brings a sense of panic and false creation of ‘what we do’. At HPSS that’s not how we roll. Maurie spoke to us about this, at the end of the day we’re on track and the learner is at the centre of everything! That’s going to be good learning surely. The feedback, awesome. I was quite taken back. It was great to hear that the cohesive vision that we feel we have exists, and that we could explain our concepts, processes and practices well. That they could be understood and seen as workable. The ladies were great and it was also interesting to be involved in the process, including hearing the feedback. It was choice.

So we find ourselves making lists (on white boards usually) to ensure we are ready for the new roopu coming in next term. Really looking forward to them getting on board the waka! Kind of feel like they are already, virtually and in spirit at least. It’s been great helping plan the PD for them. Thinking about which experiences were important for us, how we take them through the last 9 weeks… without the time. Most importantly, how we provide the support for them and structures whilst allowing them to add their stamp to the mix. Wicked. 

So it’s Wednesday, and my brain is tired, but my heart and soul invigorated. How cheesy but true. 

Steaming off like Thomas!!

End of term? What end of term 🙂 


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3 thoughts on “Steaming Ahead, ERO and How We Roll!!

  1. Nic

    I like your reflection!

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