Passion Projects…Why? How? Framework.

Moving into our areas of speciality has been a choice part of the last week. So much going on in my head and out so have found it difficult to blog. Where to start? 

The last five weeks really drilled into me how crucial  advisories/hubs are for maintaining personalised powerful learning. They are going to be a significant element of our school curriculum design.

However, the weight has hit my shoulders. Being a Learning Team Leader is exciting, I love the focus on learning and dispositions, the power of relationships and the possibilities they provide…But, we’ve got to get the framework and support right. The pressure!!

I did get into my zone, when exploring passion projects. The picture journey is below however I did come to a few key conclusions….

  • Passions will be discovered through relationships, engagement, exposure and opportunities
  • Project planning must come about – when the time is right – Don’t push it. It will lose it’s authenticity. However, support will be essential in setting a path for discovery. 
  • Once established continued support will be provided through structure, helping build connections, giving time for reflection, sharing, critiquing and collaboration. All whilst the maintaing the learners autonomy over the project. 
  • Exhibitions of learning, planning sessions and conferences will present the opportunity for learning to develop and for the learner, their peers, support group, whanau to reflect on the development of their dispositions or habits. 
  • ImageImageImageImage
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