The last few days have presented some pretty exciting experiences. Working with Julia Atkin on Monday was pretty outstanding. I left feeling challenged (the good kind), inspired and confident.

It was interesting to see that I fell pretty much where I expected within the Hermann’s Brain model – red and yellow with a bit of the others. It was also interesting to see that a quite a few of us such as Lea and I had pretty similar models which would explain why I feel tuned into her brain at times! My model is below but for a more thorough explanation of how the model works see the link. Sally’s blog is also awesome for giving a really in-depth explanation.



It was interesting to see us all as a bunch, on the yellow/red side of things. Essential for the task ahead and all with the right type of mindset: open, creative and focussed on relationships.

Julia really challenged us when looking at things to keep going back to the why. I took a classroom practice such as encouraging questioning or making connections between learning and the learner and was tasked with bringing it back to my core value. Why do I do this? Why do I believe it is important? This was something that I felt comfortable with, I feel very aware of the inner purpose for something. However, articulating it proved more difficult! With some encouragement and questioning I was able to co-construct with Jill and Julia my most important value/realisation of the day:


Julia talked about the fact that when we take a practice and nut down to the core reasons we do something the same few values will keep re-appearing. She has about 5 that keep coming back. On Monday I began my journey, nutting out my core values in regards to education and realising the one above. I’m looking forward to discovering what else will appear.

EMPOWERMENT is something that I find myself coming back to over and over. Every time we are discussing a process, Hobsonville Habit, approach to education, I find myself drawing back to the same idea.


My role as a Learning Team Leader will be about relationships, manaakitanga, support and empowerment. At present, I feel empowered on this learning journey. The approach being taken by  Maurie, Di, Lea and Claire has helped us all feel valued and confident in what we bring to the table.  It’s like a really quirky and productive family. We need to make sure the next round of teachers to join our waka as well as the students and communities we will connect with find it the same!

IMG_5753 IMG_5749

The Hobsonville Habits have been coming to life with our work over the last few days. We have been tasked with creating “I” statements for each of the core habits that we feel are important to develop in our learners (teachers and students). This sounds easier than it is, but the process itself is progressing. We are all finding it rewarding to nut out some of the finer details! Still in the big picture phase (my comfort zone) as we have a lot of work to do before our Learner Profile emerges but we are all revelling in the sense of progress. My main approach when dealing with these is to ask “Is it measurable?”. This is necessary to consider to ensure these habits come to life and don’t just get shelved to be pulled out every now and then. These “I” statements will help our habits become embedded in the school culture.

So, after the pondering and processing of random thoughts…another week-ish down, what am I thinking?

  • I need to blog more regularly to adequately process my thoughts
  • Man I love my job
  • Man I love my team
  • Life is good


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