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2. Whanau, Ukulele’s and “starting something good”…


I have set myself the goal of blogging on my experience once a week. However, I feel the first day was significant enough to deserve pondering at the beginning and commentary at the end.
The word that comes to mind when I think of todays experience is whanau. What a great community of people, working towards the same goals and all in the waka together.
The formation of the HPSS Ukulele Orchestra was the perfect start to the experience but the opportunity to learn more about each other and the leadership team helped me get a real sense of the people I’m working with. It is particularly exciting to be working together with the Primary team and the wonderful tamariki. What a great learning environment for them. How cool for us. Seeing them on the way to the Gym this afternoon, they were excited, enthusiastic and engaged. Wicked.
What I find particularly exciting is the opportunities for collaboration. In departments we all worked collectively towards a similar goal, but then would wonder off into our own classroom with our own set of students and schedule. Setting up our new work space and chatting away it was clear that here, collaboration and communal problem solving will be our job. Humans thrive on collaboration. This, and passion is where innovation comes from. HPSchools certainly have both.
Yes, I will need to get used to not working to a packed schedule and bell times, but most of all I will find it necessary to stop using the adjectives; awesome, amazing and all forms of the word excited. I’ve already used my yearly quota in one day.
After texting my dad about the awesomeness of today he text back “Great, enjoy. Just start something good”. Am happy to say it has already started. Glad to be jumping on board. And it won’t be good it’ll be great.
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1. And so it begins…


The last six months has been pretty exciting. I have found myself in a situation where I have been able to examine my views on education, particularly its purpose and how it should be delivered or embarked upon by a group of learners.

I am about to start/have already started a new learning journey myself, as a Leader of Learning at the new Hobsonville Point Secondary School. I couldn’t be more excited. I feel so lucky and grateful to have such an opportunity!

In the 5 short years I have been teaching I have been exposed to many opportunities, challenges and wonderful young people. It has been so rewarding. I have taught at low decile, private, co-ed and single sex classes, History and Social Studies. Now, no subjects, no students (for the next 6 months at least) instead time to ponder, plan, organise and slog over how we best provide for the young people who will enter the door in 6 months time.

The thought should be more daunting, but instead I feel invigorated, excited and so completley behind the purpose of my school. Innovate. Engage. Inspire

This blog is as much for reflection as it is to share my journey along the way.

In applying and gaining my new position I have met some amazing people and confirmed a few things in my brain. The team is outstanding! How lucky I am to work with such wicked people. I know I will learn a lot from them.

As for me, I go off to the first day of my new responsibility with these thoughts in my brain:

– Education is a journey to be shared.
– Ako is key. True learning is when everyone’s learning.
– Passion – showing passion inspires passion.
Change is necessary to prepare young people for the world they are in today. Also, it’s exciting.
-Open-mindedness leads to wonderful new ideas and opportunities
– We have a responsibility to help develop the best possible environment for the young people whom we will help learn and learn from.

What an adventure.

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